´Ě»Computer PRO was founded in 2005, originally as a business offering remote data backup, a new technology at that time. Hurricane Rita changed everything when we found ourselves surrounded by clients who were urgently trying to restore storm damaged computers and networks. The outstanding experience and credentials of our owner, Dennis Kilcrease and the emergencies surrounding a natural disaster taught us to re-invent the computer business, offering extremely fast and excellent services. We have had our ear to emerging technology and trends, and as such have expanded our services through the years to include repair service to tablets and phones, as well as their integration in the workplace, web design, internet marketing and social media, virtual machine networks, and most recently the trend of replacing costly land-lines with voice over IP (VOIP) phone systems. We have an A+ BBB rating with the added bonus of never having a complaint.

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Dennis Kilcrease, owner of ComputerPRO, brings to Beaumont extensive experience in some of the finest military installations in the country, including Chief Network Engineer at Army Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, the SIPRNET email project for top military brass at the Pentagon, as well as industry experience with international companies such as General Dynamics, Gateway, and SI International.


In addition to 28 years computer industry  experience, he also earned a degree in Computer Information Systems, and is certified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and is A+ hardware certified for computer repair, among other certifications.

Dennis also serves as one of the three members of the Lamar Institute of Technology

Advisory Board, with Lamar University.


Susan Kilcrease, co-owner and professional web designer, has a four-year degree from Lamar University in an arts related field and taught high school for twenty years before coming to ComputerPRO. She brings a lifetime of art to web design, aided by the best technology and software on the market today.

Susan is also a social media specialist who can set up and teach you to use the powerful reach of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.  Additionally, she is an SEO (search engine optomization) expert, who can code your website to be found in internet searches.

 Susan has the training and talent to create a website that puts your business ahead of your competition. The majority of web designers are techies first, who attempt to create art, or to edit templates that other designers make. Susan is an artist first, who, assisted by a team of talented technology professionals, uses technology to create a unique one-of-a-kind online presence that will impress your customers.


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