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Computer PRO is a one source solution for the business client. Technology improves dramatically every few years.  It evolves so quickly that a university technology student may find that by the time he graduates, the technology he learned in the first two years of college is obsolete.

Computer PRO is dedicated to staying current with the newest technology, and as such, is quickly becoming the first local business to delve into the new technology of the "virtual machine".  We work closely with local technology schools on the advisory level, and we stay current with how technology can save time and money for our clients.


We can help you determine how technology can make your more efficient, including the integration of tablets and phones, website solutions and applications, finely tuned computers and networks, and Business VoIP phone systems that integrate with everything above.






VoIP stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol," and is often pronounced "voip." VoIP is basically a telephone connection over the Internet.

Business VoIP gives businesses  a polished, professional phone image, as well as having the system answer phones and direct the to correct people, give information through pre-recorded messages, and make your office more efficient and productive.


Business VoIP generally saves businesses a great deal of money from regular land lines or lines associated with Internet companies, while producing crystal-clear digital calls. Additionally, Business VoIP allows you the option of forwarding your extension to cell phones or other lines from any Internet connection.

Computer PRO can install phones and lines and set up your business VoIP.

The most cost-effective way to deal with crisis is to prevent it.

One of the most costly and harmful experiences is when business computers fail. Work ceases, and income stops until back on line.

Computer PRO offers an outstanding monthly maintenance contract to protect business clients--we can visit your office monthly to fine-tune your computers and network, do updates, and manage data backup.  Computers are kept running lean and fast, and a careful watch is kept for potential hardware issues, so that they can be resolved before an expensive computer system crash, down-time and data loss. It could be the best investment you make for your business.


Potential customers will determine within a few minutes whether they want to do business with you, based on the performance, look, and usefulness of your website. In fact, the average users spends less than 40 seconds looking at a page on a website.  Your web designer has to have the artistic skills to capture your business visually, and the technical skills to bring your website to life.  Choosing a web designer can be one of the most important business decisions you make.  Our web designer is an artist first, with a 4-year degree in the arts, aided by the best and newest technology in the industry.  We take the time to make your website perfect, and that it represents the best side of your business.


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