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 I 've gotten my computers there... I love the prices and the Over the top Excellent Customer Service!!! THIS IS ONE OF RHONDA'S FAVORITE PLACES!!!!!

Rhonda Champagne

I drive 100 plus miles one way because I won't let anybody but Dennis touch my computer.

Sandy Nelson

It's hard to find someone with your knowledge, and dedication to your work.

Chester Griffin

Dennis is a SUPER nice man, very honest !!

Jennifer McKinney

You are the best, and quick!

Debbie Bordeaux

 I love the laptop I got from Computer Pro!

Carrie Evans

 If you are having ANY sort of trouble with your computer,be it a laptop or desktop,don't take a chance on wasting your time and money anywhere else,take it to Dennis at Computer Pro.  He and his wife Susan can get you back on track ASAP!

Steve Willis

Superb service with a smile!

Timothy Culbreath

Serving all of SE Texas

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409 838 1807